This year we are supporting Emma Elford. Here is her story;

In May 2019 Emma was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and told that this had also spread to the Lymph-nodes under her arm. As the cancer was aggressive and her initial mass was 10×8 cm Emma began a vigorous regime of Chemotherapy. Emma was to undergo six rounds of Chemotherapy before having a mastectomy to remove both of her breasts followed by radio therapy.

In August Emma was admitted to hospital with chest pains and breathing problems where extensive tests were done whilst she was admitted to hospital for 3 nights. Emma then received the news that despite her positive reaction to the treatment for the cancer in her breast, the cancer had spread to her bones in her Sternum and her Lumbar spine and is Stage 4.

The type of cancer that Emma has in her bones is called Metastatic Breast Cancer; the cancer cells are that of breast cancer and not bone cancer and therefore must be treated as that.

Currently, Metastatic Breast Cancer does not have a cure and places limitations on life. Emma will now have treatment for the rest of her life to try and contain the cancer whilst having quality of life. Emma has chosen not to put a time limit on her life and has not asked questions of life expectancy as she remains positive so I will not be posting those statistics. However, should you want further information this can be found at

Emma’s only wish is to see the world and to visit the places that she has always hoped to go to. Emma has created a bucket list of the things she would like to accomplish in each place which is why we have decided to fundraise. As a family we will dedicate as much time, effort and money as possible to ensure Emma’s wishes are fulfilled however we will also be fundraising to enable Emma to go on the trip of a life time to see Dubai, Singapore, New Zealand and Australia.

Money that is raised will also contribute to the cost of potential new treatments or clinical trials that Emma may partake in once her initial lines of treatment are exhausted that would not be funded by the NHS.

This is Emma’s story so far! To keep up to date with Emma’s journey please find her on social media at;
Facebook: DOUBLE EE
Twitter: DOUBLEEE16

Thank you for taking the time to read Emma’s story and for any donation made it really is appreciated. THANK YOU!