Things to be doing in the garden this June

Where did May go? This year seems to be galloping away with us!

Hopefully you managed to get lots of the jobs done in the garden in May and also took some time to relax in it and enjoy the warm sunny days we had.

On the list for things to do in your garden this June, we have:

  • Regularly hoe those weeds!
  • Be water wise and feed your plants regularly
  • Ping out those sideshoots from your tomatoes
  • Harvest your early potatoes
  • Pots and baskets can now stay outside – although remember to water them regularly!
  • The grass needs to be mowed regularly too
  • Summer bedding can now be planted
  • Any plants which need support should be staked
  • Protect your plants and vegetables from those pesky slugs!

Featured plant for June: Roses!

We stock a large variety of David Austin Roses – shrubs, patio, climbers, ramblers and standards. Why not add some beautiful fragrant English Roses to your garden.