A few of our favourite plants from the RHS Chelsea Flower Show

If you’ve been watching the RHS Chelsea Flower show you’ve probably been inspired, we know we have – and we thought we’d show you a few of our favourite plants that stood out for us at the show.

For the competition, they only use plants which are already mature to get the full effect, however ours are a little behind, which means that you’ll still get the benefit of watching them bloom!

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Raymond Evison Clematis Volunteer

Launched at the RSH Chelsea Flower Show this year, although there are several varieties of Clematis available.



Of course, in David Austin’s 90th year – the same as the Queens, we had to include the ever classic Rose in our list.

There so many different colours and varieties to choose from; shrubs, patio, climbers, ramblers and standards. They are the perfect way to add some beautiful British Fragrance to your garden.



Acers are perfect for bold, striking colours and beautiful, delicate foliage from Spring through until Autumn.

They like acid soil, but aren’t too keen on the early morning sun or too much wind.



Celebrating the centenary of the Rhodedendron Society it seemed perfectly fitting to include these beautiful plants in our list.

Evergreen, they like acid soil and shade. Their beautiful, colourful blooms arrive in May to June.



Unusual grasses add lots of interesting texture to your garden, and are perfect for creating different features – we think they have the perfect seaside feel, and love listening to them rustle in the breeze.

A couple of of our favourites are the unusual “Juncus Spiralis” and the “Festuca Glauca (blue) varieties.


Cirsium Atropurpureum

We love these because of their bee friendly nature – they’re also hardy and perennial and like the sun.



Flowering June to September, Delphinium are great for attracting bees and butterflies, and also great for cut flowers.

They prefer the full sun.



The pink version of these beautiful plants like alkaline soil, whereas the blue variety prefers acid soil. Other colours are quite happy in neutral soil, but they all need to be kept hydrated.



Meconopsis are quite challenging to grow but get it right and you will be rewarded for your efforts by striking lush foliage and delicate silk-like blooms of intense blue. They prefer shade and acid soil.



Great for cut flowers and adding short-lived bursts of colour to your garden, usually in June. They are hardy, easy to grow and the bees and butterflies love them.



Very popular this year, geums flower June-Agust. They attract bees, butterflies and other pollinators. Plant them in full sun or part shade to keep them happy.



With its charming starry flowers that appear in July and August, Agapanthus like to live in pots.



Lovely, soft grey-green foliage, these can grow up to 6 feet tall!

They have no special soil requirements, but do love the full sun. They are long flowering too.



Bees love Achillea, as do butterflies and other pollinators. They have aromatic foliage, prefer full sun and flowers from June-September.


Primula Vialli

With its RHS award of garden merit, they give unusual two-tone flowers which are great for cutting.

They flower late spring-summer and like shady, damp areas.



With sumptuous big blooms, which appear late spring, they like well-drained soil.



Available in a variety of colours, these tall flowers appreciate full sun or part shaded areas. To get the best out of them you should cut them back to prolong their flowering.


Scented Lily

These can be planted in tubs, and their big fragrant blooms make a great cut flower and a bold splash of colour. They like the shade, and mustn’t dry out in Summer.



Decorative bamboos are useful for screening, as well as adding a little of the orient to your garden. Like the grasses we love to listen to them rustle in the breeze on a lovely summer’s day.



Not just for cooking with, herbs provide delightful fragrances and texture to your garden!