Christmas Cyclamen Care

Indoor cyclamen are one of the best performing winter houseplants. Get the care right and you’ll have scent and colour in the home right through to spring.

Firstly start with a quality plant. While the main attraction is the scented flowers, choose a plant with healthy, robust foliage and good flowering will follow.

High humidity is important – central heating creates a very dry atmosphere. To tackle this, mist spray your plant each morning, or place the pot on a large drip tray filled with damp gravel.

Central heating can also raise temperatures above the ideal. If possible, keep your cyclamen at around 13C – an unheated conservatory or porch is ideal. You can then move the pots to dress other rooms when entertaining guests, but remember to set them back after.

Compost should remain moist at all times, but the soft fleshy leaf stems of cyclamen are prone to rotting off if they are allowed to get too wet. Prevent this by watering from below – sit the pot in a bowl or tray of water for 5-10 mins, allowing the roots to draw up the moisture they need while keeping the base of the plant relatively dry.

Feed cyclamen every two weeks with westland indoor plant food to encourage healthy foliage growth and continued flowering.

Remove leaves as they yellow and flowers as they fade. Moving towards spring, the plants can be allowed to die back and the compost to dry out. You can then store your cyclamen in a dry state until mid-summer when you can start the growth cycle all over again.


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